3 SEO Hacks that Will Increase Traffic to Your Website ASAP

Let me preface this post with a caveat: At eWealth Training, we continually stress the idea that most of successful internet marketing is a long, step-by-step process. You pretty much have to be patient or you’ll go crazy, because finding success online is rarely an overnight occurrence.

That being said, there are always ways to give your progress a gratifying nudge. For example, when it comes to SEO, most of the work is long-term in nature. Black hat tactics are a thing of the past, as Google and other search engines have caught on to the scummier practices and have started to punish them. But for those just starting out and hoping for a few nudges along the path to success, here are a few tricks that will bring you some traffic more quickly (and will also help in the long run).


1. Post fresh content, and post it regularly

This may seem obvious, but we can’t reiterate this enough! Search engines go crazy for sites that are updated regularly. Whether it means writing a weekly blog post, adding new items to your eCommerce store, or simply updating pages as you see fit, make sure that you’re keeping your website fresh and active.


2. Don’t use images where you can use text

Web crawlers use the text on a website in order to categorize, sort, and rank pages. Because of that, you might want to avoid using just images where text would also work because this gives you more chances to use keywords and show search engines what’s up with your site. However, when you do need to use images, don’t forget to include those nifty image alt tags!


3. Get creative about finding keywords

If you aren’t using it already, one our favorite tools for finding good keywords is the Google Adwords Keyword Planner. However, this article on Entrepreneur.com brings up another clever idea for finding relevant keywords to use on your site: your internal search data. Basically, you can use your analytics to see what visitors are looking for using the search bar on your site, then act accordingly by building content around these new keywords.


Like I said before, getting into SEO is getting into a long-term commitment. But  hopefully these simple tips will give your website the boost it needs for the time being!

What are your favorite tips for great SEO? Let us know in the comments below.

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