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5 Tips to Making a Great First Impression with your Website

Anyone who has ever had a job interview will tell you about the importance of making a good first impression.  Those first few seconds of looking

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Does it sometimes feel like everyone else has got online marketing figured out? You look at your Twitter feed, you read your favorite blogs, and

33 Sources for Fantastic Blog Content Ideas

If you’ve read our blog long enough, hopefully you’ve already figured out that blogging is important for your small business website. This

6 Tips for Writing Engaging Content

Do you want to do things well? Most people do. Nobody wakes up in the morning hoping they will do something badly. That would be a pretty negative

5 Smart Steps for Improving Customer Experience

As a small business owner, you’re always looking for ways to improve your business and, as a result, make more money. You spend lots of time

3 SEO Hacks that Will Increase Traffic to Your Website ASAP

Let me preface this post with a caveat: At eWealth Training, we continually stress the idea that most of successful internet marketing is a long,

Why Visual Content is King & What You Can Do About It

You have probably heard that on the internet “content is king”. This is extremely true.  With everything that is available to the millions of

3 Stupidly Simple Ways to Improve Your Writing

Writing–we all have to do it, no matter who we are or what we do for a living. We write emails, blog posts, invoices, press releases, social media

6 Delightfully Strange Marketing Campaigns

In a world where every medium is a chance to sell, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by mediocre messaging and boring branding. That’s why it’s so

5 Amazing Twitter Accounts and the Reasons We Love Them

Are you struggling to put together a solid Twitter strategy for your small business? If so, that’s totally understandable. There are so many people

6 Ways to Get More Traffic from Pinterest

Pinterest is a fabulous yet underestimated tool for online marketing. Like Twitter, it’s gotten a bad rap in the past because its original uses

Advice From a 20-Something for Building Your Personal Brand

I find myself in an interesting predicament when writing these blog posts. I know that I have a lot of interesting information to offer, and I love

The Anatomy of an Awesome Landing Page

You might send someone to a landing page for various reasons. Perhaps they’ve clicked through from a PPC ad, and you have a product to offer that

Why Bad Writers are the Best Writers

So you think you’re a bad writer. Well, I’ve got some news for you: You’re a better writer than Shakespeare. Well, you’re at least a