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6 Tips for Writing Engaging Content

Do you want to do things well? Most people do. Nobody wakes up in the morning hoping they will do something badly. That would be a pretty negative way to live our lives. But there have definitely been times where I’ve woken up and believed I would fail at a task, whether I wanted to or not. I’m human, I mess up, it’s a

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Why Visual Content is King & What You Can Do About It

You have probably heard that on the internet “content is king”. This is extremely true.  With everything that is available to the millions of people on the internet, you want your content to be where those people stop, even if just for a little while. Without original desirable content any internet venture is bound to fall flat on its face.

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3 Stupidly Simple Ways to Improve Your Writing

Writing–we all have to do it, no matter who we are or what we do for a living. We write emails, blog posts, invoices, press releases, social media comments, cover letters, etc. etc. And yet so many people seem to take pride in being bad writers: “I hated high school English. I BS-ed all my papers.” “I just use the

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