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Stumped by Twitter? Try These 12 Easy Tips

Sometimes, you just need an extra boost when it comes to social media, including Twitter. Check out these 12 great tips to help you stand out on the popular 140-character social media service. Use Twitter with a purpose in mind. Don’t just do it because every other business is. Make sure that you have a goal for your Twitter account and

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33 Sources for Fantastic Blog Content Ideas

If you’ve read our blog long enough, hopefully you’ve already figured out that blogging is important for your small business website. This article’s for all you faithful bloggers out there. You’re trying your best to write regularly, but sometimes you just can’t come up with topics fast enough. Or maybe you can come up with ideas, but they’re…well, boring! Not

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Why Bad Writers are the Best Writers

So you think you’re a bad writer. Well, I’ve got some news for you: You’re a better writer than Shakespeare. Well, you’re at least a better content writer than Shakespeare. And that’s something, right? A content writer is someone who is tasked with writing engaging content for use over the internet. In a way, anyone who’s ever written a blog article, Facebook status, or

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