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5 Tips to Making a Great First Impression with your Website

Anyone who has ever had a job interview will tell you about the importance of making a good first impression.  Those first few seconds of looking into a potential employer’s eyes can be terrifying –  and you don’t want them to know that. The same thing can happen when coming face-to-face with a new customer. Will they like you? Will

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5 Smart Steps for Improving Customer Experience

As a small business owner, you’re always looking for ways to improve your business and, as a result, make more money. You spend lots of time perfecting your products, paying attention to every detail and flaw. But do you also make sure that the customer experience is just as polished? Because let’s be honest, if your customers have a bad experience with your

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The Anatomy of an Awesome Landing Page

You might send someone to a landing page for various reasons. Perhaps they’ve clicked through from a PPC ad, and you have a product to offer that matches their needs. Or maybe you’ve promoted a post about your ebook on Facebook, and this landing page will provide a download link. Whatever your purpose, it’s important to make sure your landing

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