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3 Marketing Hereos Reveal Their Social Media Pet Peeves

Does it sometimes feel like everyone else has got online marketing figured out? You look at your Twitter feed, you read your favorite blogs, and you wonder how they do it. However, the truth is that not everybody knows what they’re doing—instead, you’re seeing those few “marketing heroes” that have figured out how to stay present and relevant in the online world.

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5 Amazing Twitter Accounts and the Reasons We Love Them

Are you struggling to put together a solid Twitter strategy for your small business? If so, that’s totally understandable. There are so many people and brands on Twitter, it sometimes seems impossible to cut through the noise and make an impression on your audience. One thing that may help you is to look to the example of companies that are

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6 Ways to Get More Traffic from Pinterest

Pinterest is a fabulous yet underestimated tool for online marketing. Like Twitter, it’s gotten a bad rap in the past because its original uses were a little…frivolous. However, this quickly-growing social media giant is redeeming itself as a powerful way to bring in blog traffic. Pinterest users love blog posts, and if you’re smart you can use this to your great advantage as

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